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ASIAN ART MUSEUM. Transformation Update: Masterpieces in Context

As our transformation project gets underway, we will be closing the third-floor collection galleries to create a refreshed visitor experience. The third-floor galleries will be closed to visitors as of Tuesday, Jun. 19.

The centerpiece of this update is Masterpieces in Context, a new approach to the display and interpretation of the most significant works in the collection. When the third-floor galleries reopen at the end of the year, you will find nine key works presented in ways that will expand your understanding and deepen your appreciation.

Curators have reimagined the installation and supporting materials for each of the museum’s designated masterpieces to give you new insight into these particular works and the museum’s collection as a whole, as well as into Asian history and culture.

What Will the New Masterpieces Experience Look Like?

Each Masterpiece in Context experience will be as unique as the work highlighted, but all will share some common elements. Spotlight colors and special lighting will beckon, benches will encourage lingering, tablets will provide multimedia interpretative information and newly written panels and labels will provide additional context.

Seven artworks in the second-floor galleries will receive similar treatment next year.

We look forward to welcoming you to the refreshed third-floor galleries!

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